Human Rights

Text and meaning of ministry’s directive on abortion drug: Ramifications on Women’s and girls’ right to health

In February 2014, the Director of Medical Services (DMS) in the Ministry of Health issued a memo prohibiting health workers from participating in trainings on safe abortions or the use of the drug Medabon, which has a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol for medical abortion purposes. The memo was titled “Training on Safe abortions and 

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Passionate appeal from lawyer to other lawyers: Willie Kimani is you

Remember how during the recently concluded campaigns, social media was a beehive of activity, how literally one minute would not go by before something new was posted? Remember that fire that raged, Whatsapp groups were created and would be constantly buzzing with activity? How candidates would pile us with their images and promises? Remember when lunch 

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willie kimani poster

LSK Chairman’s statement on the disappearance of Lawyer WILLIE KIMANI

Willie Kimani – LSK Member No P105/8920/11, a young lawyer working as an investigator with the International Justice Mission went missing on 23-6-2016 together with his client Josephat Mwendwa and their taxi driver Joseph Muiruri. Their whereabouts remain unknown. Willie’s employer believes they may have been abducted after attending court in Mavoko for a case 

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Hate speech suspects should have been charged separately

On 14th June, 2016, the Kenya Police’s Department of Criminal investigation (DCI) in conjunction with  the Office of the DPP formally charged 8 legislators (3 pro-government and 4 opposition) for “hate speech” following increased utterances they made amid tension that has been afflicting Kenya over the past month or so and after weeks of deadly 

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Defamation Of ‘August’ Parliament And Trend To Limit Freedom Of Media

In Progressive language, civic space connotes the degree to which individuals and organised groups have freedom and means to speak, access information, associate, organise, and participate in public decision-making. Civic space is essential to the healthy functioning and development of any democracy. In many countries around the world, civic space is considered an essential precondition 

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